• Mal

peanut butter cookie dough granola bars

These are the easiest homemade vegan granola bars made with minimal ingredients. They are chewy and no bake! I cannot recommend these enough to anyone wanting a delicious snack, dessert, or grab and go bar.

close up view of the granola bars showing the texture, chocolate drizzle, and flaky sea salt

Okay can we talk about this flavor

Peanut butter goes with so many flavors and it works especially well with cookie dough! The inspiration behind these bars came from the Oat Haus granola butter that is cookie dough flavored. When I added it with the peanut butter, it was a match made in heaven.

Tips for making these granola bars

Add the liquid sweeteners and butters before adding in the oats. I found it is much easier to combine everything evenly this way. Use a square of parchment paper and a spatula on top of the granola bar mixture to evenly spread out the bars. Firmly pressing down on the batter helps everything stick together and prevents your bars from falling apart when eating them. Don't skip on freezing the bars for 1 hour! This is crucial to mold everything together.

My last tip is to double the recipe because if you are anything like me you will go through these bars super fast!